Computer limitations

11/11/2009 15:20

Computer Limitations
1. It must be check and repair from time to time.
2. It cannot function alone without help from human
3. It cannot think on its own
4. It only understand computer language to execute command

 The computer can outperform human beings in speed, memory and accuracy but still the computer has limitations. There are following limitations of a computer.

Programmed by human:
Though computer is programmed to work efficiently, fast and accurately but it is programmed by human beings to do so. Without a program, computer is nothing. A program is a set of instructions. Computer only follows these instructions. If the instructions are not accurate the working of computer will not accurate.

The computer can not think itself. The concept of artificial intelligence shows that the computer can think. But still this concept is dependent on set of instructions provided by the human beings.

Self Care:
A Computer can not care itself like a human. A computer is dependent still to human beings for this purpose.

Retrieval of memory:
A computer can retrieve data very fast but this technique is linear. A human being's mind does not follow this rule. A human mind can think randomly which a computer machine can not.

One of the main limits in the computer is of feeling. A computer can not feel about some like a human. A computer can not meet human in respect of relations.

Human can feel, think and caring but a computer machine itself can not.