Exercise 7 w/ Solution

16/10/2009 09:33
Exercise Objective – In this exercise, you will use the try-catch block to handle a simple runtime exception. Tasks The TestExceptions program prints out all of the command-line arguments, but it has a fatal flaw: It will eventually attempt to access beyond the args array bounds. public class...

Exercise 6 w/ Solution

16/10/2009 09:26
Advanced Class Features Exercise #6: Use Interfaces and Abstract Classes Objective In this exercise you will create a hierarchy of animals that is rooted in an abstract class Animal. Several of the animal classes will implement an interface called Pet. You will experiment with variations of these...

Exercise 5 w/ solution

13/10/2009 10:36
Creating Subclasses of Bank Accounts In this exercise, you will create two subclasses of the Account class in the Banking project: SavingsAccount and CheckingAccount. To the banking package, add the SavingsAccount and CheckingAccount subclasses, as modeled in the illustration ...

Exercise 4 w/ Solution

01/08/2009 12:10
Exercise 4 - Creating Customer Accounts   BANKING Customer -firstname : String -lastname : String +account : Account ...

Exercise 3 w/ Solution

25/07/2009 14:41
Creating a Simple Bank Package In this exercise, you create a simple version of the Account class. You place this source file in the banking package. A test program, TestBanking, has been written in the default package that creates a single account. It initializes the baance of that account...

Exercise 2 w/ Solution

25/07/2009 14:30
Vehicle -load : double -maxLoad : double +Vehicle(max_Load : double) +getLoad( ) : double ...

Exercise 1 w/ solution

25/07/2009 09:13
Classes – Part I Vehicle +load : double +maxLoad : double +Vehicle(max_Load : double) +getLoad( ) : double +getMaxLoad( ) : double 1. Create a class Vehicle that implements the above UML diagram. a. Include two public attributes: load “the current weight of the vehicle’s cargo” and maxLoad...

OOP Information

OOP Tutorials

01/08/2009 17:40
Tutorials & Code Camps Lesson 8: Object-Oriented Programming           ...

OOP Concepts

01/08/2009 17:38
Lesson: Object-Oriented Programming Concepts If you've never used an object-oriented programming language before, you'll need to learn a few basic concepts before you can begin writing any code. This lesson will introduce you to objects, classes, inheritance, interfaces, and packages. Each...

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